Everything You Need To Optimize your LinkedIn Profile!
So that you attract your ideal clients consistently.

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Your LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Polish and optimize your LinkedIn profile to get that job, find your ideal clients or build your personal brand


"The course had everything I ever needed + the accountability to do it. I can't even believe I revamped my profile in just ONE week. Excited to see the results this brings for my business."
 - a Freelance Healthcare Writer

What You Get Inside

Build a Funnel

What actions do you want your ideal clients to take in moving forward in their journey with you?
Lay down those actions clearly on your profile


Optimize for SEO

Your ideal clients are looking for YOUR expertise on LinkedIn. Can they find you?
Set your profile up for search visibility and improve Search Appearance numbers as well as quality.


DIY in easy steps

Don't want to pay $300 to get your profile optimized?
Do it yourself with the clear action steps in this course and set up each element of your profile with intention


Speak directly to your ideal client

What do your ideal clients learn about you when they come across your profile?  
Do they know who you work with and self-qualify?  Do they learn that you only work with clients in the US or France?  Do they learn about your expertise at what you do?


Sitting On LinkedIn Not Knowing Where to Start?

This is it. Before anything, you need an optimized LinkedIn profile to build your presence on LinkedIn.

Sam Williams

AWS Consultant

Divya helped me develop a plan for how to overhaul my use of LinkedIn to get high quality consulting clients. She went through a detailed analysis of my current profile and posts to point out where I can make changes that will have the biggest impact on my business.

What do prospective buyers do when they come across you on LinkedIn?

That's right. They look at your profile.

As soon as you start showing up on LinkedIn, your ideal prospects or employers check out your profile.

They decide based on your profile whether or not to hire you, do business with you, follow you, buy your product, or collaborate with you. 

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile Now

🔴 perfect  each  element  on  your  profile...step  by  step

Is your LinkedIn profile Optimized for...

Search Results

Your employers and prospects are using LinkedIn as a search engine every day and this is your chance to show up when they look for YOU.

Your Target Audience

Powerful messaging on your LI profile can mean the difference between 'hired' and 'passed by'. Show up as the expert you are with a polished profile.

Amanda O'Rourke

Inner Calm Coach

Divya has an extensive knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and she has helped me enormously with my LinkedIn marketing strategy. She recently encouraged me to be more vulnerable on the platform and this immediately resulted in a lead from an ideal client!

Your LinkedIn Profile Makeover Course includes...

easy strategies and steps to fix each element of your LI profile

with Videos + Transcripts

and a Facebook group to hold each other accountable to give your LinkedIn profile the much-needed overhaul

Divya Agrawal

I'm Your LinkedIn Lead Gen Coach!

I teach coaches and copywriters to leverage Clarity, Content and Conversations to find and sign their ideal clients on LinkedIn, consistently and organically.

Kara Diane Festa

Business Meets Heart & Soul

Divya provided me some great feedback about my LinkedIn profile, as well as ways that I could more effectively engage on LinkedIn and use my profile and my content to my best advantage in moving my business forward. I very much appreciated the suggestions and tips she provided, and found them very actionable.